XIIIth School of Cosmology: The CMB from A to Z — promises and challenges of the CMB as a cosmological probe, Cargese, France

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Date:  2017-11-12  -  2017-11-18

Location:  Cargese, France

MAJOR TOPICS of the School: The CMB landscape: past, present and future.

* Understanding of measurement (detection technology, eg bolometers, implementation – cryogenics – overall design to mitigate systematic effects – in imaging – in spectroscopy – acquisition / redundancy strategy) and the basis of data processing to obtain maps and spectra.

* Understanding of the sky (foreground contributions (synchrotron, free, AME, galaxy dust, clusters SZ, CIB, …) and mathematical methods of analysis (including difficulties in estimating errors for nonparametric models).

* Theoretical situation, understanding of observational signatures, and their practical use (likelihood, MC sampling, etc.)