eXtreme Matter meets eXtreme Gravity Workshop, Bozeman, Montana, USA

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Date:  2017-08-17  -  2017-08-19

Location:  Bozeman, Montana, USA

XGI Workshop First Announcement:

“eXtreme Matter meets eXtreme Gravity”
August 17-19, Bozeman Montana

The eXtreme Gravity Institute at Montana State University will hold a workshop to discuss methods for constraining the properties of Neutron Stars and the dense-matter equation of state. Like previous XGI workshops, the format will emphasize discussion and exchange of ideas over formal presentations. Each session will be organized around a science question, with a moderator and two discussion leaders. Topics to be covered include gravitational-wave observations of Neutron Star – Neutron Star and Neutron Star – Black Hole binaries, X-ray observations by the NICER mission (set to launch very soon), theoretical calculations of the dense-matter equation of state, and numerical simulations of NS-NS and NS-BH mergers.

The meeting is being held immediately prior to the HEAD meeting in Sun Valley, and participants may choose to drive between the meetings, or simply head a little south of Bozeman to view the total eclipse on the 21st of August. Bozeman is a beautiful mountain town a one-hour drive from the North entrance of Yellowstone National Park. The surrounding area offers great opportunities for hiking, fishing, white water rafting, and mountain biking.