Golden Oldie: Lifshitz’ perturbations paper

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This post is to announce the reprinting of the article

Evgenii Lifshitz, On the gravitational stability of the expanding Universe.
Journal of Physics (USSR) 10 no 2, pp. 116 – 129 (1946).

This was the first and fundamental paper on perturbations in cosmology. It is accompanied by an editorial note article by G.F.R. Ellis which describes the subsequent development of the field. Both articles are part of the Golden Oldies series in the journal “General Relativity and Gravitation”. The two are in volume 49, numbers 17 and 18 (2017) and can be accessed on the journal’s website.

A full list of the previous Golden Oldies can be found at as well as on the Living Reviews in Relativity site.

Malcolm MacCallum
Golden Oldies editor, “General Relativity and Gravitation”