Fifth ICRANet Bego Rencontres – Gravitational Waves in the strong field limit – Nice, France

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Date:  2017-05-15   -  2017-05-19

Location:  Villa Ratti, Nice, France

The school will take place in Nice from the 15 to the 19th of May. It is traditionally devoted to frontier topics in relativistic astrophysics and to the students of the IRAP PhD Program. This meeting is dedicated to gravitational waves in the strong field limit.

The meeting is open to all interested scientists and graduate students.

The school will take place at the ICRANet Seat in Villa Ratti, in Nice, where the IRAP-PhD is based. We recall that the IRAP-PhD is coordinated by ICRANet, involving various universities and research centres, and the diploma are jointly delivered by all the universities participating in the program: University of Bremen (Germany), University of Ferrara (Italy), University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (France), University of Oldenburg (Germany), University of Rome “La Sapienza” (Italy), University of Savoie (France).

Invited lecturers include: Felix Aharonian, Donato Bini, Luc Blanchet, Christian Cherubini, Nathalie Deruelle, Simonetta Filippi, Mile Karlica, Jutta Kunz-Drolshagen, Claus Lämmerzahl, Felix Mirabel, Marco Muccino, Tsvi Piran, Jose Rodriguez, Jorge Rueda, Remo Ruffini, Narek Sahakyan, Gregory Vereshchagin, Yu Wang, She-Sheng Xue.