European Einstein Toolkit Workshop 2017, Mallorca, Spain

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Date:  2017-10-11  -  2017-10-14

Location:  Mallorca, Spain

The 2017 European Einstein Toolkit Workshop in Mallorca will provide an opportunity for researchers and students interested in numerical relativity to learn about the Einstein toolkit and discuss about its current and future development. The Einstein Toolkit is a publicly-available framework used by many research groups in the world, with applications ranging from high-energy astrophysics to cosmology.

The first three days will be dedicated to presentations and discussions concerning the development and applications of the Einstein Toolkit and will be open to developers and anyone interested in numerical relativity, numerical (magneto-)hydrodynamics, cosmology, gravitational wave data analysis and related fields. The workshop will present recent developments and allow for discussions about future directions of code development and applications.

Friday evening and Saturday will be devoted to a special event – “Black Holes, Red Square, and Blue Waters: A Symposium in Honor of Edward Seidel’s 60th Birthday (EdFest)”.

Both the workshop and the symposium will take place at the Club Pollentia Resort near Alcudia in Mallorca.