Ph.D. Fellowships in Physics at the University of Parma, Italy

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Deadline:  2017-09-05

Location:  Parma, Italy

The Department of Mathematical, Physical and Computer Sciences [1] at the University of Parma [2] invites applications for its Ph.D. program. The Ph.D. fellowships start November 1st 2017 and have a duration of 3 years.

The Ph.D. program covers several scientific areas in theoretical physics, including Cosmology, Gravitational physics, Numerical Relativity, Gravitational Waves, Fundamental interactions at high energy, Quantum Field Theory, Lattice Field Theory and Strings, Statistical Physics, Quantum Mechanics and Complex Systems. (See [3] for a summary of the research activity of the Theoretical Physics group).

The submission deadline is September 5th 2017. In the application the candidate must indicate the main research topic (and a second-priority choice) amongst the research topics proposed by the Research Doctorate Program in Physics at the Department of Mathematical, Physical and Computer Sciences. The selection will be based on the curriculum of the candidate and an interview. The interview will focus on the previous research experience and on the research project that the candidate proposes.

Details of the call, on-line application, list of research topics and selection procedures can be found at:

For more information please contact Prof. Cristiano Viappiani (cristiano.viappiani[AT] and Prof. Luca Griguolo (luca.griguolo[AT]

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