Faculty Position in Gravitational Physics at ICN-UNAM, Mexico City

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Deadline:  2017-10-01

Location:  Mexico City, Mexico

The Department of Gravitation and Field Theory at the Institute of Nuclear Sciences (ICN) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in Mexico City, announces the opening of a tenure track Faculty Position in Gravitational Physics. The focus of the position is Gravitational Waves Physics and related subjects (numerical relativity, post-Newtonian approximations, effective one-body approaches to relativistic two-body problems, self-force and corrections to geodesic motion, precision tests and alternative theories), but we expect the successful candidate to have wider interests and to be able to collaborate with other members of the Department.

The candidate is expected to play an active role in the development and consolidation of a program devoted mainly to the study of the two-body problem in General Relativity and alternative theories of gravity, in connection with the interpretation of data from Gravitational Wave detectors of the currently operating devices (LIGO, VIRGO, GEO600) and of the forthcoming ones (LISA, KAGRA, LIGO-INDIA).

The position is a tenure track professorship whose level (assistant, associate or full) will be determined by the candidate’s expertise and experience. Salaries are competitive and include tax-free subsidies from funding agencies within UNAM and the Mexican National Science Foundation (Conacyt). The contract package includes health insurance among other benefits.

Interested candidates should submit the following documents in a single PDF file to the Depart-ment’s Head, Prof. Hernando Quevedo (quevedo at nucleares.unam.mx):
– full curriculum vitae;
– publication list, with the five most significant publications clearly highlighted;
– brief description of research interests.
In addition, three recommendation letters should be arranged to be sent to the same e-mail ad-dress. The review of applications starts on October 1-st, 2017, and will continue until the position is filled.

The Department participates in the operation of various graduate programs at the university level, including physics, mathematics, astronomy, engineering, philosophy and others. The successful candidate is expected to participate in the undergraduate and graduate physics activities at UNAM, including teaching and mentoring students.

Research grants are available from an internal UNAM funding agency and from Conacyt. An active postdoctoral recruiting program within the UNAM runs twice a year. Large computing (including supercomputers) and extensive library resources are available within the UNAM campus. The successful candidate is expected to apply for research funding and to take advantage of the postdoctoral program to help develop and to strengthen her/his research projects.

Currently, the Department’s faculty members are Miguel Alcubierre, Wolfgang Bietenholz, Yuri Bonder, Chryssomalis Chryssomalakos, Jemal Guven, Tim Koslowski, Darío Núñez, Hernando Quevedo, Marcos Rosenbaum, Marcelo Salgado, Christopher Stephens, Daniel Sudarsky, Roberto Sussman, and Alexander Turbiner. In addition, there is a considerable number of postdoctoral fellows and graduate students associated to the Department. The research interests are diverse and include black hole physics, relativistic physics, cosmology, numerical relativity, QFT in curved spacetimes, alternative theories, quantum gravity, lattice quantization, shape dynamics, condensed matter, complex systems, integrable systems, mathematical physics, QCD, foundations of quantum physics, among others. The Department shares building facilities with the neighboring High Energy Physics Department, facilitating a close collaboration with its theoretical and experimental branches which focus on related subjects (e.g. dark matter search, neutrino physics, string theory and AdS/CFT duality, cosmic and gamma rays, hadron physics, physics beyond the standard model, etc.).

There are several other research institutes (physics, mathematics, chemistry, astronomy, philosophy, among many others) based on campus, allowing a rich exchange of ideas during the year through seminars, colloquia, and local meetings. A rich cultural life and ludic activities can be found in the campus (art cinemas and museums, concert halls, classical music seasons, festivals, conferences, a Mexican premier league soccer team, etc.), which also hosts an array of sport and fitness facilities.

The UNAM is an equal opportunity employer.