HKUST – SUSTech Joint PhD Program in Classical and Quantum Gravity, String Theory, and Cosmology, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, China

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Deadline:  2017-11-30

Location:  Shenzhen and Hong Kong (China)

We are selecting a motivated candidate for the Joint Phd Program between Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech, Shenzhen, China) and Hong Kong Science and Technology University and Institute of Advanced Studies (HKUST and IAS, Hong Kong, China). The PhD candidate is suppose to start the program next academic year (September 2018) and the completion of the program will take 4 years. We are particularly interested in candidates with advanced knowledge of General Relativity and Quantum Field Theory.

Title of the project: Classical and Quantum Gravity, String Theory, and Cosmology.
Research Plan — The candidate is suppose to address the cosmological implications of effective string field theory and/or a class of nonlocal gravitational theories finite and unitary at quantum level. Two are the main issues to address: the cosmological constant’s problem and the physics of the early Universe. The consistent theories mentioned above should provide a mechanism for fixing the cosmological constant to the observed value and solve the problem of the initial Big Bang singularity, while also provide a natural mechanism for inflation. Since the nearby location of the two Universities the student will be co-supervised by both the supervisors during the all duration of the PhD program. However, the Phd candidate will have also to attend courses and other duties if required by the agreement of the two Universities: HKUST and SUSTech.
In the first two years we will mostly concentrate on the Dark energy problem and possibly Dark matter problem, while in the second part of the Phd program we will focused on inflations and the computation of two and eventually three point correlation’s functions.

The candidate will work under the supervision Prof. Henry Tye (HKUST and IAS) and Prof. Leonardo Modesto (SUSTech). The Gravitational and High Energy Physics at SUSTech consist on 1 Research Associate Professor, 3 PostDocs, and several undergraduate students.
Interested candidates should send their CV (including, among other things, date of birth and nationality) and a short statement of research interests and/or experience to:
Prof. Leonardo Modesto
E-mail: lmodesto[AT]
Please arrange also at least 2 recommendation letters to be sent separately to the same email address.
Applications received by November 30 will receive full consideration.