Quantum spacetime and the Renormalization Group, Bad Honnef, Germany

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Date:  2018-06-18  -  2018-06-22

Location:  Bad Honnef, Germany

Quantum Gravity is a very active area of theoretical research into the largely unknown realm of physics beyond the Standard Model. Recent years have seen a growing awareness throughout the quantum gravity community that Renormalization Group techniques may constitute a crucial element in unraveling the microscopic quantum structure of spacetime. Nowadays, the development of these ideas have reached a stage where, firstly, a cross-fertilization between different quantum gravity programs will be fruitful and, secondly, some programs may even be able to connect the microscopic quantum- gravity regime to physics at energy scales accessible by observations. The last years have also seen the development of novel ideas how imprints of (asymptotically safe) quantum gravity could become detectable in particle physics, cosmology and astrophysics which provide a fruitful basis for further exploration.

The main goals of the workshop are
– contributing to sharpening the major conceptual and technical open questions of the field and identifying routes to answer these.
– triggering new collaborations, in particular between researchers from neighboring communities, enabling a fruitful exchange of ideas and transfer of knowledge.
– providing in particular young researchers with a comprehensive overview of the most pressing questions in the field, motivating them to tackle these from new angles.
– producing novel ideas how to bridge the gap between a fundamental theory of quantum gravity and observations and triggering new developments towards observational tests of quantum gravity.