The Mathematics of Gravity and Light, Rhode Island, USA

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Date:  2018-06-03  -  2018-06-09

Location:  Whispering Pines, Rhode Island, USA

American Mathematical Society: Mathematics Research Communities 2018
`The Mathematics of Gravity and Light’

Dates: June 3-9, 2018
Place: Whispering Pines, Rhode Island, USA

The propagation of light probes the fundamental structure of spacetime whose gravitational dynamics is described by general relativity or possible modifications. This summer conference explores mathematical properties of gravitational lensing and how modified theories of gravity can be constructed and tested with lensing.

MRC programs are intended for peridoctoral researchers (typically between 2 years before to 5 years after obtaining the PhD), and this interdisciplinary conference is aimed at mathematicians, physicists and astronomers. Accessible introductions to the relevant aspects of Riemannian, Lorentzian and Finslerian geometry will be given, and the focus will be on team-based collaborative research. It is hoped that this week will also spark future collaborations among participants.

Topics addressed in this conference:
– deterministic and stochastic weak-field gravitational lensing;
– singularities in gravitational lensing;
– numerical aspects of gravitational lensing with astrophysical applications;
– optical geometry of Lorentzian spacetimes;
– modified gravity theories and constructive gravity;
– non-Lorentzian optical geometries;
– testing braneworld models.

Charles Keeton, Rutgers University
Arlie Petters, Duke University
Marcus Werner, Kyoto University

The program is fully funded by NSF, and the deadline for applications is February 15th.
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