Collabor8.2, Lancaster, UK

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Date:  2018-05-14  -  2018-05-15

Location:  Lancaster, UK

Collabor8.2 is a two-day meeting designed to promote acknowledgement and collaboration among early career researchers in the UK across the disciplinary divide of mathematics and physics. The focus is broad, encompassing theoretical problems from astronomy, cosmology, particle theory, string theory, condensed matter and quantum foundations.

Participants are invited to give short talks on specific research problems they face, seeking new perspectives and fresh approaches. Speakers will lead small team discussions aimed at overcoming the research hurdles presented. Presentations should focus on current research, rather than completed projects.

The conference will feature a keynote seminar by Professor Ruth Gregory who has written papers with more than 100 mathematicians and physicists in a distinguished 30 year career. There will be recruitment presentations from several industrial sponsors offering research positions in physics, data science and machine learning (to be confirmed).

We are delighted to offer free lunch, morning coffee and afternoon tea to all participants. We also have funding to reimburse some travel and accommodation costs for speakers. There is no conference fee. There will be a conference dinner on the first evening in a local restaurant (circa 10 GBP).