IX International Meeting on Lorentzian Geometry, Warsaw, Poland

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Date:  2018-06-17  -  2018-06-24

Location:  Warsaw, Poland

Lorentzian Geometry is a branch of Differential Geometry with roots in General Relativity and ramifications in many mathematical areas: Geometric Analysis, Functional Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Lie groups and algebras… Several groups researching on this topic throughout the world have maintained a regular series on international meetings celebrated every two years in Spain, Italy, Brazil and Germany.

The edition to be held at the Banach Center will cover topics on pure and applied Lorentzian Geometry such as geometry of spacetimes, solitons, black holes, Einstein equations, geodesics or submanifolds. Poland is a perfect place for our conference, due to the existence of a very strong General Relativity groups, with many people working in Mathematical Relativity. Some of them (Bizon, Jezierski, Kijowski, Nurowski) are organizers of the conference, members of the Scientific Committee, or speakers, while other Polish relativists have expressed their interest in the participation in the meeting.