Special Issue “Origin of the Universe”

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Dear Colleagues,

The birth of the universe out of the M-theory landscape remains an important question in modern cosmology. Questions such as “Why are the only three large spatial dimensions?”, “What drives inflation?”, and “Is there observable evidence of the birth of the universe out of the M-theory landscape?” are subjects of active debate. We invite colleagues to submit papers on the following topics:

Trans-Plankian inflation
Models of inflation
Constraints on Inflation effective potentials
Brane-world inflation
Constraints on Inflation initial conditions
Primordial gravitational waves
Cosmic dark flow and large-scale structure
Origin of the cold spot in the CMB
Anomalies in the CMB from inflation and the M-theory landscape
Supersymmetric Inflation
Primordial nucleosynthesis constraints on the birth of the universe
Constraints on time-varying fundamental constants
Constraints on anisotropic cosmological models
Why are there three large dimensions

Prof. Dr. Grant J. Mathews
Prof. Dr. Laura Mersini Houghton
Guest Editors