PhD position in General Relativity, Otago, New Zealand

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Deadline:  2018-09-30

Location:  Dunedin, New Zealand

The Relativity group at the University of Otago, New Zealand invites applications for a PhD position in General Relativity, in particular on the gravitational wave emissions of rotating neutron stars. The position comes with a 3-year scholarship which covers tuition fees as well as an annual stipend of 25000 NZD.

The position is related to a Catalyst:Seeding grant from the Royal Society of New Zealand to J. Frauendiener to work on neutron star mountains and their gravitational wave signals. The project is joint with Prof. Andrew Melatos (University of Melbourne, Australia) and Prof. Susan Scott (Australian National University, Canberra) both members of OzGrav, the Australian Centre of Research Excellence for Gravitational Wave Discovery.

We are looking for a motivated person with a degree equivalent to MSc or BSc(Hons) in Theoretical or Mathematical Physics. Good mathematical skills are essential. Prior research experience in General Relativity or relativistic astrophysics is desirable.

The starting date of the position is on 1.6.2018. The position will be open until filled.

Please send applications (including CV and certificates) or any enquiries to joergf[AT]