Third IUCSS Summer School and Workshop on the Lorentz- and CPT-violating Standard-Model Extension, Bloomington, Indiana, USA

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Date:  2018-06-15  -  2018-06-23

Location:  Bloomington, Indiana, USA

The Third IUCSS Summer School and Workshop on the Standard-Model Extension (SME) will be held in the Physics Department at Indiana University, Bloomington from Friday June 15 to Saturday June 23, 2018. This event is aimed primarily at students and researchers in theory and experiment who seek a pedagogical introduction to the SME framework.

Starting from the foundations, the School lectures will explore theoretical, phenomenological, and experimental topics in Lorentz and CPT breaking and guide participants to the forefront of current research in the field. The discussion sessions are designed to reinforce and supplement the lecture material. A poster session will provide an opportunity for School participants to showcase their own research. An IUCSS Workshop on current research in Lorentz and CPT violation will be held concurrently during the last part of the School.

The School is envisaged to cover the following topics:

(1) Effective field theory for Lorentz and CPT breaking
– underlying sources for Lorentz and CPT violation
– construction of the minimal SME
– higher mass dimensions; nonminimal terms
– local Lorentz breakdown in gravity; no-go constraints
– spontaneous and explicit Lorentz and diffeomorphism breaking
– renormalization and other quantum-field properties of the SME
– the SME and Finsler geometry

(2) Phenomenological methods
– spherical notation for Lorentz-violating coefficients
– atomic matrix elements for phenomenological calculations
– linearization of Lorentz-breaking gravity
– phenomenology of gravitational-wave physics
– extraction of predictions for hadronic systems and QCD
– Lorentz- and CPT-violating contributions to atomic and nuclear energy levels
– description of Lorentz-breaking neutrino physics
– vacuum Cherenkov rates for Lorentz-violating particles

(3) experimental searches for Lorentz and CPT violation
– observations involving astrophysical photons
– measurements in short-range gravity
– Lorentz tests at colliders
– bounds from clock comparisons and spectroscopy of H-like systems
– results from neutrino kinematics and oscillations
– matter-antimatter comparisons
– experimental signals in strong-interaction physics
– searches involving the second- and third-generation, gauge, and Higgs sectors
– applications to spacetime torsion and nonmetricity

There is no registration fee for the School and Workshop, but online registration on or before April 30, 2018 is required. Due to space limitations the total attendance is likely to be capped, so early registration is advised to avoid disappointment.

Partial support for local housing may be available upon request. Participants desiring support should ask a senior scientist to send an email to the organizer, Ralf Lehnert, describing the need for support. Preference may be given to requests made before March 31, 2018.