The 5th Conference of the Polish Society on Relativity, Wojanow, Poland

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Date:  2018-09-24  -  2018-09-27

Location:  Wojanow, Poland

The 5th Conference of the Polish Society on Relativity will consist of two parts, devoted, respectively, to classical and quantum gravity.

The first part will cover mathematical structures in classical gravity, exact solutions of Einstein equations, physics of black holes, cosmological models, alternative models of gravity, and the research related to the recent detection of gravitational waves.

The second part will be devoted to discussion of basic tools of quantum gravity and noncommutative geometry, in particular quantum space-times, quantum phase spaces, and quantum symmetries. We will consider quantum gravity models e.g. LQG (loop quantum gravity), matrix models and discretized approach to Feynman description of quantized gravity and new approaches to string theory.

We will focus on the following subjects:
1. Properties of Einstein’s equations and exact solutions.
2. Numerical methods in solving Einstein equations.
3. Black holes: formalism and properties.
4. Relativistic astrophysics: cosmology and dark matter/dark energy problem.
5. Gravitational waves: theory and experiment.
6. Quantum space-times and quantum symmetries.
7. Noncommutative geometries and quantum gravity framework.
8. Models of quantum gravity: Loop Quantum Gravity.
9. Models of quantum gravity: functional integration approach, e.g. CDT (Causal Dynamical Triangulation)
10. Quantum gravity and development in superstring theory (metastrings).