GRG Editor’s Choice: recent highlight articles

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In each volume of the journal General Relativity and Gravitation (GRG), a few papers are marked as “Editor’s Choice”. The primary criteria is original, high-quality research that is of wide interest within the community. These recent articles deserve special attention:

Jeremy D. Schnittman
“The collisional Penrose process”

Claus Kiefer, David Wichmann
“Semiclassical approximation of the Wheeler–DeWitt equation: arbitrary orders and the question of unitarity”

Hideyoshi Arakida
“Light deflection and Gauss–Bonnet theorem: definition of total deflection angle and its applications”

Emanuele Berti, Kent Yagi, Nicolas Yunes
“Extreme gravity tests with gravitational waves from compact binary coalescences: (I) inspiral–merger”

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Frank Schulz
Publishing Editor GRG