Gravitational Waves, Black Holes and Fundamental Physics, Athens, Greece

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Date:  2019-01-21  -  2019-01-24

Location:  Athens, Greece

Athens 2019: Gravitational Waves, Black Holes and Fundamental Physics

Abstract: Athens 2019:GWverse2 is the second in a series of conferences from the COST Action ”CA 16104 Gravitational waves, black holes and fundamental physics (GWverse)”. The consortium links three normally disjoint communities, namely Gravitational Wave detection and analysis, BH modeling (in both astrophysical and GR contexts), and strong-gravity tests of fundamental physics. The aim of the conference is to bring about discussion and collaboration between people working in these communities.

Topics: Astrophysics (Super massive black hole growth and evolution, Transient observations, Numerical relativity, N-body dynamics, Binary formation and population synthesis, Dark matter and primordial Black Holes, Cosmography, Astroparticles, Dual AGN Observations, stellar mass BHs: growth, evolution and binary formation); Source modelling (Perturbation methods, Post-Newtonian and post-Minkowskian methods, Numerical Relativity, Effective and phenomenological methods, Impact on data analysis problem); Black holes and fundamental physics (Testing the Black Holes hypothesis, Strong field parameterizations, Black holes beyond General Relativity, Black hole perturbation theory and fundamental physics, Binaries in alternative theories of gravity)