SageManifolds 1.3 is out

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SageMath 8.3 has just been released and is shipped with version 1.3 of SageManifolds code. SageMath is a Python-based free computer algebra system, with some differential geometry and tensor calculus capabilities implemented via the SageManifolds project ( See for examples of use, in particular in the context of general relativity.

The new features with respect to version 1.2 of SageManifolds are:

– submanifolds and their geometry (induced metric, extrinsic curvature, etc.)
– Euclidean spaces as Riemannian manifolds diffeomorphic to R^n and equipped with a flat metric, with predefined coordinate charts (Cartesian, spherical, cylindrical); this allows for elementary vector calculus in standard curvilinear coordinates, see
– tensor fields along a submanifold

See for details and examples.

It suffices to upgrade to SageMath 8.3 to benefit from these features. Binaries for Linux, MacOS X and Windows are available at
Another option is to run SageMath 8.3 remotely, by creating a free account in CoCalc ( open a Jupyter notebook and select “SageMath 8.3” in the menu Kernel -> Change kernel.

Eric Gourgoulhon,
on behalf of SageManifolds team (