PHAROS PhD training school on multi-messenger physics and astrophysics with compact binaries, Jena, Germany

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Date:  2019-03-11  -  2019-03-15

Location:  Jena, Germany

The first PHAROS COST action CA16214 [1] PhD training school on multi-messenger physics and astrophysics with compact binaries will be held in Jena (Germany) from Monday March 11 to Friday March 15 2019 [2].

The goal of the school is to contribute to the training of the next generation of scientists that will face the problem of interpreting multimessenger signals from compact binaries composed of neutron stars in the coming years. The school is aimed primarily at students and early career researchers and covers the following topics:

* Observational aspects.
– Current and future observatories, their operational mode, and the network organization.
– Main observables and their connection to astrophysical phenomena and sources.
– Relations between the sources and the emission mechanisms in the different bands and channels (gravitational, electromagnetic and neutrinos).
– Observational constraints on neutron star and merger remnant properties, and on the dense matter equation of state.

* Theoretical modeling.
– Formation channels of compact binaries; masses distributions and rates.
– Coalescence dynamics and gravitational signals from general and numerical relativity.
– High-energy astrophysical phenomena; short gamma-ray burst and kilonova modeling and their connection to the strong-field dynamics.
– Role of nuclear and weak interactions in the merger dynamics and remnant; status and challenges of physical input models for theory and simulations.

* Data analysis.
– Bayesian methods and standard tools employed by different communities.
– Shared frameworks for multi-messenger data analysis: status and perspectives.
– Data reduction and observational inputs.
– Input from theoretical modeling: models requirements and interpretation challenges.


* ARCONES Almudena (Darmstadt U/GSI)
* FORTIN Morgan (CAMK)
* HINDERER Tanja (Radboud U)
* MAPELLI Michela (Padova U)
* MESSENGER Chris* (Glasgow)
* OHME Frank (AEI Hannover)
* PEREGO Albino (INFN)
* SHIBATA Masaru (AEI/Kyoto)
*TANVIR Nial (University of Leicester)

There is no registration fee, but online registration before January 10, 2019 is required. Due to space limitations, attendance at the school is limited to approximately 100 people. Partial support for local housing and travel is available upon request. Participants desiring support should apply filling the online registration form [2].

Scientific Organizing Commitee

* ANDERSSON Nils (Southampton U)
* BERNUZZI Sebastiano (Jena U)
* BRUEGMANN Bernd (Jena U)
* HANNAM Mark (Cardiff U)
* HASKELL Brynmor (CAMK)
* MEINEL Reinhard (Jena U)
* NISSANKE Samaya (UvA)
* OERTEL Micaela (Meudon)
* ROWLINSON Antonia (UvA)
* REA Nanda (CSIC)
* TOLOS Laura (Frankfurth Goethe U)