IV Jose Plinio Baptista School on Gravitational Waves, Espirito Santo, Brazil

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Date:  2018-10-15  -  2018-10-19

Location:  Pedra Azul, Espirito Santo, Brazil

We will hold the IV Jose Plinio Baptista School on Gravitational Waves in Pedra Azul, Espirito Santo, Brazil, during October 15-19, 2018. This school is aimed at postgraduate students, the registration fee is Brazilian R$200 and the registration deadline is October 5, 2018.

The invited speakers for mini-courses are:

• “Gravitational Wave Detection History” – Odylio D. Aguiar (INPE, Brazil)
• “Fundamentals of Gravitational Wave Astronomy” – Scott Hughes (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
• “Observing and Interpreting Gravitational Waves From Black Holes and Neutron Stars” – Badri Krishnan (Max Planck Institute, Germany)
• “Topics in Post-Newtonian Theory” – Alexandre Le Tiec (Observatoire de Paris-Meudon, France)
• “Gravitational Waves and Fundamental Gravity” – Ricardo Sturani (UFRN, Brazil)
• “Topics in Gravitational Wave Physics” – Bernard Whiting (University of Florida, USA)

The School will also consist of the following advanced seminars:

• “Gravitational Waves: The Nobel Prize 2017” – Odylio Aguiar (INPE, Brazil)
• “Self-Force and Extreme Mass-Ratio Inspirals” – Marc Casals (CBPF, Brazil)
• “On the Bending of Light: from Newton Optics to the Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves in the Vicinity of a Black Hole” – Luís Crispino (UFPA, Brazil)
• “Stability of Black Holes” – Gustavo Dotti (Universidad de Cordoba, Argentina)
• “The Gravitational Waves Background”  – Jose Antonio de Freitas Pacheco (Observatoire de la Cote d’Azur, France)
• “Inflationary Models and Primordial Gravitational Waves” – Alexey A. Starobinsky (Landau institute, Russia)
• “Black Hole Physics”  – Jorge Zanelli (Centro de Estudios Científicos, Chile)

Some time is also allocated to short communications and poster presentations by participants.

Organizing Committee:

• Davi C. Rodrigues (UFES, Brazil)
• Felipe M. Santos (UFES, Brazil)
• Hermano E. S. Velten (UFES, Brazil)
• Julio C. Fabris (Chair, UFES, Brazil)
• Marc Casals (CBPF, Brazil)
• Oliver F. Piattella (UFES, Brazil)
• Riccardo Sturani (UFRN, Brazil)
• Syrios Gomes (UFES, Brazil)
• Valerio Marra (UFES, Brazil)
• Winfried Zimdahl (UFES, Brazil)