General Relativity and Gravitation welcomes Pablo Laguna

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Introducing our new Editor-in-Chief to succeed Abhay Ashtekar

Publisher and editors of the journal General Relativity and Gravitation (GRG) welcome Pablo Laguna who is taking over the responsibilities of Editor-in-Chief from Abhay Ashtekar, who served on this post from 2012–2018.

We gratefully acknowledge Abhay Ashtekar’s contributions to GRG and the community as a whole. Roy Maartens will continue to jointly lead the journal together with Pablo Laguna, who has been an Editorial Board member since 2013.

Pablo Laguna is Professor and Chair of the School of Physics and member of the Center for Relativistic Astrophysics in the College of Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, U.S.A. His research is in computational astrophysics and numerical relativity. He is using computers to solve the Einstein’s equations of General Relativity to study astrophysical phenomena were the curvature of space-time plays a fundamental role. He is currently focusing on computer simulations to investigate 1) the merger of black holes and/or neutron stars binary systems and their emission of gravitational waves, and 2) the disruption of stars by tidal forces from massive black holes.

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