Five-Year Postdoc in History and Philosophy of Gravitational Physics, Bonn, Germany

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Deadline:  2019-01-10

Location:  Bonn, Germany

The University of Bonn, Germany, invites applications for a five-year postdoctoral fellowship in history and philosophy of physics. The position will provide an outstanding early-career scholar with a unique opportunity to pursue research in collaboration with the other members of the new Lichtenberg group in integrated history and philosophy of physics.

The focus of the group during these first five years will be an analysis of the history and conceptual foundations of gravitational physics since Einstein found the field equations of general relativity in 1915; a particular focus will be on black hole physics and gravitational wave physics. Applications from candidates with a suitable background in philosophy of physics, history of physics or indeed gravitational physics itself, would be particularly welcome.

The position comes with a competitive salary that adjusts to the experience of the applicant, a comprehensive health and pension plan, funding for conference travel and other research expenses, as well as a (possibly shared) office in the Electoral palace of Bonn, which houses the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Bonn. The Palace is right in the city centre of Bonn, and only a five minute walk from the shores of the River Rhine with its vineyards and castles. Further particulars and details of how to apply can be found on the website