Cosmology@Malta2019, Valletta, Malta

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Date:  2019-03-19  -  2019-03-22

Location:  Valletta, Malta

The COST Action CA-15117 (CANTATA) is a research program that considers, in a coordinated and multidisciplinary way, the possibility to go beyond General Relativity (GR) at ultraviolet (quantum gravity) and infrared (cosmology) scales, scenarios on which Einstein’s theory fails. This is done by combining complementary aspects of theoretical physics, cosmology and astrophysics.

The main goal of this initiative is to construct an effective theory of gravity capable of encompassing both the phenomenology related to the lack of a quantum field theory of gravity, and the phenomenology related to the various astrophysical scales (e.g self-gravitating systems, galaxies, large-scale structure) that cannot be explained within the framework of GR without including dark matter and dark energy.

Cosmology@Malta2019 will bring together researchers on the topic to discuss recent advances in the field and potential ways forward over the coming years