Tenth International Conference on High Energy and Astroparticle Physics (TIC-HEAP), Constantine, Algeria

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Date:  2019-03-30  -  2019-04-04

Location:  Constantine, Algeria

This Tenth edition of International Conference on High Energy and Astroparticle Physics (TIC-HEAP) is set to be held at Mentouri University, Constantine in Algeria during the period of 30th March to 2 April 2019 (Including the optional touristic trip on the 2nd of April).

Held in close coordination with the DGRSDT (The Algerian General Direction of Scientific Research), it will focus on discussing the latest development on particle physics, astroparticle and cosmology, as well as strategically planning for Algeria to become an active participating member of the CERN. It is timely for the Algerian particle physics community to join some of the LHC collaborations as well as other international experiments in experimental particle physics and in particular Astroparticle physics ones like ANTARES experiment and the like.

We are heartened in that endeavor by the fact that Algeria has become officially a member of the LHCb collaboration. It has already got the support of well known particle physicists who will be attending. This is why we wish to associate to this meeting to the fullest extent young researchers worldwide as well as our sprouting particle physics community both locally based and from the Diaspora.