LISA Waveform Working Group Meeting, Potsdam, Germany

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Date:  2019-05-13  -  2019-05-15

Location:   Potsdam, Germany

The LISA Waveform working group (WavWG) is dedicated to the development of waveform templates for the LISA mission and connects the broader scientific community to the LISA Consortium. As such, WavWG coordinates efforts to model a broad spectrum of gravitational wave sources, establishing links with LISA’s astrophysics, cosmology, fundamental physics and simulation working groups, and bridge between communities employing different methodologies to prepare waveforms.

This meeting is the first stand-alone meeting of WavWG and aims at getting together leading international experts and young scientists to identify pressing tasks concerning LISA waveform modelling in its broadest sense and to foster new international collaborations. The meeting will have few talks per day and provide ample time for discussions.

While the WavWG is part of the LISA Consortium, you do not need to be in the Consortium to attend.

We look forward to welcoming you at the AEI Potsdam,
Deirdre Shoemaker, Maarten van de Meent, Niels Warburton, Helvi Witek
(Co-chairs LISA Waveform Working Group)