Quantum Gravity and matter, Heidelberg, Germany

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Date:  2019-09-09  -  2019-09-13

Location:  IWH, Heidelberg, Germany

This meeting will bring together researchers tackling quantum gravity from various perspectives, including string theory, asymptotically safe gravity, loop quantum gravity, dynamical triangulations, causal sets, effective field theory and supergravity.

The focus of the meeting will be on exploring the interplay between quantum gravity and matter. The goal is to bridge the gap between quantum gravity and particle physics, and bring together experts on the diverse approaches to quantum gravity as well as high-energy physics.

Key questions to be discussed at the meeting include the impact of matter on the fundamental quantum structure of spacetime as well as the effect of quantum gravity on matter, including understanding restrictions on particle physics models arising from a consistent embedding in a fundamental model of spacetime. The latter could be key to develop a phenomenology of quantum gravity.