MPHYS10 Meeting, Belgrade, Serbia (1st announcement)

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Date:  2019-09-09  -  2019-09-14

Location:  Belgrade, Serbia

School and Conference on Modern Mathematical Physics

to be held 9–14 September 2019 in Belgrade, Serbia. The MPHYS10 meeting is the latest in a long list of biannual conferences on mathematical physics organized by the Institute of Physics, University of Belgrade, since 2001. The conference covers a wide range of topics, mainly oriented towards recent developments in cosmology, classical and quantum gravity, quantum field theory, string theory, and related research areas of theoretical high energy and mathematical physics. The list of topics includes:

* Modern Cosmological Models
* General Relativity and Modified Gravity
* Accelerating Universe and Dark Energy
* Modern Approaches to Quantum Gravity
* Foundations of Quantum Theory and Quantum Gravity
* Conformal and String Field Theory
* Lie Theory and Symmetries in Physics
* Strings, Branes and String/M-Theory
* Noncommutative Quantum Models
* Nonperturbative Approaches
* Exact Integrable Models
* Mathematical Methods

Given that this is the 10th conference in a row, this year we are celebrating a jubilee. Some of our distighuished invited speakers include:

Alexei Starobinsky (Moscow, Russia)
Viatcheslav Mukhanov (Munich, Germany)
Ignatios Antoniadis (Paris, France)
Sergei Odintsov (Barcelona, Spain)
Irina Arefeva (Moscow, Russia)
Paul Sorba (Annecy, France)
Loriano Bonora (Trieste, Italy)
Igor Volovich (Moscow, Russia)
Martin Cederwall (Goteborg, Sweden)
Djordje Minic (Blacksburg, USA)

and many others — please see the full list of participants on our website,

where you can also find other detailed information about the MPHYS10 meeting, as well as all previous meetings of the MPHYS series. The registration for the meeting is open until July 1st 2019, and we wish to invite everyone to join us and contribute to the meeting.

Dr. Marko Vojinovic
Group for Gravitation, Particles and Fields
Institute of Physics
University of Belgrade