Gravity and Other Fields Under the Volcano, Catania, Italy

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Date:  2019-06-10  -  2019-06-12

Location:  Catania, Italy

We are pleased to announce the workshop “Gravity and Other Fields Under the Volcano” which will take place on June 10-12 in Catania.

The workshop aims at developing and strengthening connections between scientists working on the topics of beyond standard model and gravitational physics. Among several things, we want to bring together colleagues which are interested in developing extensions of the standard model, and eventually accommodate their unification with gravity through the mechanism of asymptotic safety.

For additional information and for online registration please follow the link:

Please note that the workshop will host a limited number of participants.

Looking forward to seeing you in Catania,

Dario Benedetti, Alfio Bonanno, Gian Paolo Vacca, Dario Zappala’, Omar Zanusso