22nd Eastern Gravity Meeting, Dartmouth, USA

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Date:  2019-05-31  -  2019-06-01

Location:  Dartmouth, Massachusetts

This annual regional meeting is open to researchers of all levels, from undergraduate students to faculty, in all areas of gravitational physics, including classical, quantum, theory, observation, and computation. The purpose of the conference is to encourage the interaction of researchers in the Northeastern region, although participants from all regions are welcomed.

The format of the meeting will follow the format of previous regional meetings where all participants may present a talk of approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Abstracts will be selected according to the order in which they are submitted. Therefore, to maximize chances of acceptance, it would be best to submit an abstract early. There is no registration fee but, for an accurate head count, registration is mandatory.

A prize for the best talk by a student will be given and so please indicate in your registration if you are a student.