Future Science with Multi-Wavelength Data, Hsinchu, Taiwan

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Date:  2019-06-24  -  2019-06-26

Location:  Hsinchu, Taiwan

We would like to invite you to this conference at the NTHU, Hsinchu, on 6/24(Mon) – 26(Wed). Detailed programs will be announced soon, but please mark your calendar first and make sure to register. The science on the NEP field with the AKARI space telescope is turning into a new era. Since the AKARI telescope carried out the NEP survey programs, we have obtained various observation data/results for about 10 years.

Currently, our deep HSC imaging data covering the entire NEP-Wide field has become available. The SCUBA2 survey program to cover the same area is still going on. A collaboration to carry out a massive spectroscopic survey using the new Subaru/PFS is also on-going. From the space, Euclid, SPHEREx and eROSTA will cover the field in near-IR and X-ray. The AKARI’s NEP legacy will remain the only survey having continuous mid-IR bands data until the new mid-IR telescope will be available. This legacy will continue to grow with a lot more multi-wavelengths data. Time is ripe for top scientists to meet again to pave the bright future of the NEP field science. We are looking forward to seeing you here, in Hsinchu!

This conference is supported by the ministry of education (MoE) and the physics research promotion center (PRPC) of Taiwan, also supported partly by the ministry of science and technology (MoST).