Ph.D. student positions in quantum cosmology, Warsaw, Poland

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Deadline:  2019-07-31

Location:  Warsaw, Poland

Theory Group in National Centre for Nuclear Research invites applications for Ph.D. student positions in gravity and cosmology. The positions are supposed to be filled after 1st of October 2019 and last for up to 4 years. The positions are funded by the National Science Centre, Poland with decision 2018/30/E/ST2/00370. The successful candidates will work in the area of classical and quantum cosmology with emphasis on such aspects as perturbation theory in anisotropic cosmological backgrounds, singularity resolution, semiclassical methods and use of observational data. The goal of the funded project is to develop a novel model explaining the origin of the primordial Universe and its structures. The monthly stipend is 4500PLN (not subject to income tax, a small sum will be deducted to cover health insurance). Necessary resources including some travel funds will be available to the appointees.

The deadline for applications is 31 July 2019. Applications should be submitted via the Doctoral School online application portal The applicant will need to provide CV, College diploma, College transcripts, a statement of research interests and achievements, and optionally other information that may strengthen his or her application. In the application form one should indicate either “Modelling the Evolution of the Primordial Universe” or “Quantum origin of the primordial structure in the Universe” as the research topic.

For details please visit the Doctoral School webpage or contact the PI, dr. Przemyslaw Malkiewicz Przemyslaw.Malkiewicz[at]