CoSyne: Cosmological Synergies in the upcoming decade, Paris, France

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Date:  2019-12-09  -  2019-12-12

Location:  Paris, France

The coming decade of astrophysics and cosmology will be driven by a large number of missions which will explore the cosmos observing the sky through e.g. electromagnetic waves, cosmic and gamma rays, gravitational waves and neutrinos. This will make possible a multi-messenger approach, capitalizing on multiple probes that capture phenomena of the Universe in different observational channels over a large range of redshifts and will open the opportunity to study the synergies between different experiments.

The conference will bring researchers working on theoretical aspects, statistical methods and observational cosmology and will discuss the new directions of fundamental physics and cosmological mysteries which can be addressed from these multi-messenger multi-frequency probes. Along with probing the fundamental aspect of gravity, nature of dark energy, properties of dark matter, primordial gravitational waves, neutrino masses and hierarchy, next-generation missions will also be powerful probes to learn about the astrophysical aspects such as the population of black holes, properties of first stars, reionization history of the Universe, galaxy evolution and the interplay between cosmological and astrophysical effects. The meeting will also discuss future statistical tools and machine learning techniques which will be required to make robust measurements from the data which will be available from the upcoming missions on astrophysical gravitational waves, cosmic microwave background, large scale structure, line intensity mapping, supernovae and many others.