Black holes and neutron stars in modified gravity, Meudon, France

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Date:  2019-11-18  -  2019-11-20

Location:  Meudon, France

Thanks to the advent of gravitational wave astronomy (LIGO, Virgo, KAGRA, LISA), as well as to high-angular-resolution observations of black hole vicinity (EHT, VLTI/GRAVITY), new tests of gravity in the strong field regime are becoming available. They offer the potentiality to discriminate between general relativity and alternative theories (generically designed as modified gravity) that are currently developed, notably to address the issue of dark energy in cosmology.

This workshop is devoted to the properties of compact objects (black holes, neutron stars, boson stars, etc.) in these theories and will allow ample time for discussions.

Registration is free but we ask all participants to register on the workshop’s webpage.