Advances In Computational Relativity – ICERM@BROWN, Providence, RI, USA

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Date:  2020-09-09  -  2020-12-11

Location:  Providence, RI, USA

We would like to invite you to a semester program at ICERM, Brown University in Providence titled “Advances in Computational Relativity”.

This semester program aims to foster cross-disciplinary collaborations involving mathematicians, statisticians and the relativity community with the goals of:
(i) work towards solving some of the most pressing mathematical modeling, numerical simulation, and data analysis issues facing the gravitational wave community,
(ii) fostering an environment for the deep collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas between mathematicians, statisticians, and the relativity community,
(iii) creating new subfields within computational mathematics that focus on important, pressing issues related to gravitational waves.

Although the program will run over the entire Fall 2020 semester with several researchers staying the semester at ICERM, you are welcome to participate at any convenient time for as long you can. In addition, there will be a week-long workshop once every month organized by topic. Dates and workshop titles appear below:

9/14: Workshop 1 ( “Advances and Challenges in Computational Relativity.” (with a focus on gravitational waves from compact objects)
10/5: Workshop 2 ( “Mathematical and Computational Approaches for solving the source-free Einstein field equations.”
10/26: Workshop 3 ( “Mathematical and Computational Approaches for the Einstein field equations with matter fields”
11/16: Workshop 4 ( “Statistical methods for the detection, classification, and inference of relativistic objects”

ICERM has funding available to cover travel and accommodation for faculty, postdocs and students. Please apply using the link “Apply with Cube” at the program website. Please let Scott Field (sfield[AT] or Gaurav Khanna (gkhanna[AT] know if you have any questions about the program.

Scientific Organizing Committee —
Stefanos Aretakis, UToronto
Doug Arnold, UMN
Manuela Campanelli, RIT
Scott Field, UMass Dartmouth
Jonathan Gair, AEI
Jae-Hun Jung, SUNY Buffalo
Gaurav Khanna, UMass Dartmouth
Stephen Lau, UNM
Steve Liebling, LIU
Deirdre Shoemaker, GTech
Jared Speck, Vanderbilt
Saul Teukolsky, Cornell