Open Session of the Chalonge De Vega School, Paris, France

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Ecole Internationale d’Astrophysique Daniel Chalonge – Hector de Vega

International School of Astrofundamental Physics Daniel Chalonge – Hector de Vega

Open Session “Last Cosmic News, Highlights and Prospects”

Thursday, November 28, 2019 – 2:15 pm

at the House of Argentina, 27A blvd Jourdan, Cite’ Internationale
Universitaire of Paris, 75014 Paris

In the Program:

-The Cosmo-Physics at the Chalonge-de Vega School and the Nobel Prize of Physics 2019, by Professor Norma SANCHEZ, CNRS-OP-PSL-SU, Paris

-News of the Cosmological Standard Model: Pre-inflation, H_0 and
Dark Energy

-LiteBIRD, Millimetron, CMB, “White Papers” ….

-Road of new ideas and their associated language: Ideo-Semantics of Time in Cosmology, by Dr Helios JAIME, Paris Sorbonne.

-The Cosmology in the work of Italo Calvino in Paris and ” the circle of Oulipo”, by Dr Alba ZANINI, INFN-Turin, president of Kores, with the special participation of Sara D’AMARIO actress and Francois-Xavier FRANTZ director scene.

– “And that is not all ….” (quote from Henri Poincare). Continue on November 28th …

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With compliments and kind regards

Prof Dr Norma G. Sanchez and the Chalonge – de Vega School

2020: 30 pioneering years of the Chalonge-de Vega School: research,
prospective, training and scientific culture at the forefront of cosmofundamental physics