Remnants of the Big Bang, Tempe, AZ, USA

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Date:  2020-01-23  -  2020-01-24

Location:  Tempe, AZ, USA

The “Remnants of the Big Bang” workshop at ASU, January 23-24, 2020, will bring together leading cosmologists to discuss recent advances in our understanding of the big bang and the emergent universe, and new prospects for testing fundamental physics with astrophysics and cosmology.

The workshop will focus on the nonlinear and out-of-equilibrium processes that occurred in the early universe. Topics will include the quantum origin of the universe, the origin of matter-antimatter asymmetry, the nature of dark matter, astrophysical black holes and their fundamental consequences, phase transitions, primordial magnetic fields, and cosmic defects. A particularly timely topic is the properties of gravitational waves produced in cosmological phase transitions and prospects of their detection with next generation experiments. Cosmological phase transitions can also generate magnetic fields that affect the anisotropy and spectral properties of the cosmic microwave background, and affect the propagation of extragalactic cosmic rays, providing a valuable observational window into particle physics in a regime that is beyond the reach of particle accelerators.

The aim of the workshop is to facilitate exchange of ideas and new collaborations, and to expose young researchers working on related topics to the state of the art of the field.