10th Int. Conf. DICE 2020: Spacetime – Matter – Quantum Mechanics, Castiglioncello, Italy

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Date:  2020-09-14  -  2020-09-18

Location:  Castiglioncello (Tuscany), Italy

This year’s conference will be the tenth “anniversary” edition in this series of biannual meetings.

Its main objective is to discuss important, if not fundamental issues in physics that keep (re)appearing in various subfields, but are usually presented in specialized conferences – such as concerning decoherence, information (loss), complexity, entropy, measurement problem, quantum/gravity interface, vacuum structure, cosmological constant problems, to indicate a few. This has turned out to be highly successful and stimulated fruitful exchanges with an illuminating list of speakers over the years; among them: J Hartle, R Penrose, G Veneziano*, S Adler*, G ‘t Hooft*, L Montagnier, S Haroche, C Wetterich*, A Connes, N Gisin, A Albrecht*, L S Schulman, I Walmsley, S Carlip, J Barbour*, T Padmanabhan*, N Mavromatos*, T W Kibble, Y Aharonov, H Kleinert*, G Casati*, C Brukner, H J Briegel, A Kempf*, V Nesvizhevsky, X-G Wen, D Bouwmeester, R Sorkin*, M Schlosshauer, C Rovelli, G Volovik, M Arndt, M Aspelmeyer, M Rasetti, GC Ghirardi*, L Vaidman, B-L Hu*, W Unruh, N Chomsky, GFR Ellis [*: participated several times].

Topics of this year’s meeting are defined but not limited by overlapping interests in
– Emergent spacetime, matter, and symmetries
– Quantum foundations
– Quantum computing / AI for physics
– QM interfacing with gravity / new experiments
– Quantum gravity / cosmology and high-energy physics

The Organizing Committee consists of M Blasone (Salerno); L Diosi (Budapest); H-T Elze (Pisa, chair); L Fratino (Paris); J Halliwell (London); C Kiefer (Cologne); E Prati (Milano); G Vitiello (Salerno).

All interested are warmly welcome. However, please, note that participation is always limited; therefore, early registration is recommended.