Agape 2020, Mezeyrac, France

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Date:  2020-07-25  -  2020-08-01

Location:  Mezeyrac, France

It is our great pleasure to announce l’Agape 2020, the fourth edition of a summer-school in the foundations of physics which will be held in the mountains of the Massif Central (France) from July 25th to August 1st 2020. L’Agape is conceived by and for young researchers sharing a common interest for conceptual questions in physics and working in any field somehow related to theoretical physics.

L’Agape sees a partition between five 4-hour courses given in the mornings and scientific activities (open discussions, philosophical walks, readings of seminal historical papers, political debates, etc) in the afternoons. The series of courses covers a large field of topics in the foundations of physics:

– Quantum Theory from First Principles by John van de Wetering (Radboud University Nijmegen)

– History and Philosophy of Global Spacetime Structure in General Relativity by Juliusz Doboszewski (University of Bonn)

– Lessons from Causal Quantum Structure by Robin Lorenz (University of Oxford)

– Asymptotic Symmetries in the Gauge Fixing Approach and the BMS Group by Romain Ruzziconi (Universite’ Libre de Bruxelles)

– The Information Loss Paradox by Tommaso De Lorenzo (Penn State University)

This school’s special appeal and particularity lies in the broad range of its topics, the creative format of the “scientific activities” and the horizontal structure of the organisation: everything, from the courses and talks to the cooking will be done by and for the participants, and we encourage everyone to actively engage in shaping the structure of l’Agape. Furthermore, this year we are offering participants the possibility to stay for two more days after the official end to continue the discussions and enjoy the surroundings.

The organisers
Alex, Federico, Pierre, Robin, Titouan