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1. Last news 2020
2. A chronicle of the pandemia containment
3. Daniel Chalonge and Hector de Vega medals 2020
4. Agenda 2020

1. Last news : Quantum discrete levels of the universe from the early trans-planckian vacuum to the late dark Energy: Norma G. Sanchez.

Constraints on dynamical dark energy models from massive high redshift galaxies: Nicola Menci .

Unifying quantum mechanics and Einstein general relativity:

2. Chronicle of a confinement: A short break of 3min15 duration while working in times of pandemia coronavirus: April 2020, document with video of 3m15 and 2 images:

3. A surprise Award: Daniel Chalonge and Hector de Vega medals 2020:
The two medals are awarded this year to Dr Adam G. Reiss (Johns Hopkins University and SSTI, Baltimore) Nobel Prize in Physics in Cosmology. The medals are awarded for his contribution to the discovery of dark energy, to its interpretation as a cosmological constant and to his continuous results on the Hubble constant. More information about the medal presentation will be given after the summer.

4. Agenda 2020: Next event: Open Session on Thursday June 18, 2020 at the College of Spain, Cite’ Internationale Universitaire de Paris, 27A boulevard Jourdan, Paris 14e. confirmed. Free entry, free and without registration.

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