Collection: Beyond Spacetime

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We draw your attention to the publication to the collection of essays, “Beyond Spacetime: The Foundations of Quantum Gravity”.

Blurb: “One of the greatest challenges in fundamental physics is to reconcile quantum mechanics and general relativity in a theory of quantum gravity. A successful theory would have profound consequences for our understanding of space, time, and matter. This collection of essays written by eminent physicists and philosophers discusses these consequences and examines the most important conceptual questions among philosophers and physicists in their search for a quantum theory of gravity. Comprising three parts, the book explores the emergence of classical spacetime, the nature of time, and important questions of the interpretation, metaphysics, and epistemology of quantum gravity. These essays will appeal to both physicists and philosophers of science working on problems in foundational physics, specifically that of quantum gravity.”

With contributions from: Daniele Oriti, Suddhasattwa Brahma, Robert H. Brandenberger, Daniel Harlow, Carlo Rovelli, Fay Dowker, Lee Smolin, Henrique Gomes, David Wallace, Richard Dawid, Sebastian De Haro, Radin Dardashti, Sean Gryb, Karim Thebault, Tiziana Vistarini, Ko Sanders.

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Nick Huggett, Keizo Matsubara, and Christian Wuethrich