Quantum spacetime and the Renormalization Group, Online workshop

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Date:  2020-10-12  -  2020-10-16

Location:  Online

This is the fifth in a series of workshops on Quantum Spacetime and the Renormalization Group, bringing together researchers exploring a broad range of research avenues in Quantum Gravity, including, but not limited to, Asymptotically Safe Gravity, Causal and Euclidean Dynamical Triangulations, Causal Sets, Group Field Theories, Spin Foam models and Tensor Models. Previous installments took place at the Perimeter Institute in 2014, at Nordita in 2015, at the Lorentz Center in Leiden in 2017 and in Bad Honnef in 2018.

The workshop will take place online. A particular focus will be placed on making it as interactive as possible. The schedule, including more information on the details of the online format, will appear in due course.
To ensure a good discussion atmosphere, the maximum number of participants is limited. Application for participation is possible on the webpage.

The main goals of the workshop are
– contributing to sharpening the major conceptual and technical open questions of the field and identifying routes to answer these.
– triggering new collaborations, in particular between researchers from neighboring communities, enabling a fruitful exchange of ideas and transfer of knowledge.
– providing in particular young researchers with a comprehensive overview of the most pressing questions in the field and motivating them to tackle these from new angles.
– producing novel ideas how to bridge the gap between a fundamental theory of quantum gravity and observations and triggering new developments towards observational tests of quantum gravity.