Special Issue “keV Warm Dark Matter (LambdaWDM) in Agreement with Observations In Tribute to Hector J. De Vega”

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New : Deadline Extended until 30 October 2021

Dear Colleagues,

Research into keV warm dark matter (WDM) is progressing fast. The subject is new and essentially works, naturally reproducing astronomical observations over all scales, from small and intermediate galactic scales to large (cosmological) scales (LambdaWDM). Astronomical evidence that Cold Dark Matter (CDM) and its proposed tailored baryonic cures/recipes do not work at the small and galactic scales is staggering.

This Special Issue addresses the clarifying and impressive progress made in keV warm dark matter galaxies in agreement with observations. In the tradition of the Chalonge-de Vega School, an effort of clarification and synthesis is made by combining theory, analysis, observation, and numerical simulation results in a conceptual framework. This Special Issue aims to put together astrophysical, cosmological, particle, and nuclear keV WDM research – including models and experimental searches, theory, and analytical and numerical frameworks – that reproduces astronomical and cosmic observations at all scales.

We invite our colleagues to submit their works to this Special Issue in Tribute to Hector J. de Vega


Mini-reviews can be submitted as well. All submitted papers must include clear purposes, results, and clear conclusions.

This collection of papers will thus register the exciting ongoing theoretical and experimental developments in (i) the search for the leading keV WDM particle candidates and (ii) the impact of keV WDM astrophysics (including its signatures and constraints with high-redshift galaxies and clusters, cosmic recombination, 21 cm line, and implications for star formation) with or for the JWST, HST, SKA, X-ray astronomy, gravitational lensing, and other astronomical observations, as well as news from KATRIN, ECHo, and other experiments.

Exciting keV WDM work to perform is ahead of us.

Prof. Dr. Norma G. Sanchez
Guest Editor


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