Island Hopping 2020: from Wormholes to Averages, CERN, virtual

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Date:  2020-11-16  -  2020-11-20

Location:  CERN, virtual

Welcome to Island Hopping 2020, a workshop that will be held entirely virtually!

The focus will be on recent developments around the information paradox, quantum extremal surfaces and islands, generalized entropies, the Euclidean path integral in quantum gravity and the importance of spacetime wormholes, as well as the role of ensemble averages in holography. It will be held from November 16-20 2020.

Confirmed Speakers:

Ahmed Almheiri – Raphael Bousso – Jan de Boer – Steve Giddings – Daniel Harlow – Tom Hartman – Alex Maloney – Juan Maldacena – Henry Maxfield – Geoff Penington – Suvrat Raju – Edgar Shaghoulian – Julian Sonner – Douglas Stanford – James Sully – Mark Van Raamsdonk – Ying Zhao – more to be announced

Organizers: A. Belin, N. Engelhardt, R. Myers

Conference website: