PhD positions: theory and observations, Prague, Czech Republic

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Deadline:  2021-01-15

Location:  Prague, Czech Republic

We are offering multiple 4-year PhD positions in Prague, Czech Republic, in the fields of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Astroparticle Physics, Cosmology, Gravity, Mathematical Physics, String Theory, and Atomic and Molecular Physics. The areas of research include theory and observations. This list of projects will be finalized by December 5 2020 when we will also open the Application form for submissions. The application deadline is January 15 2021 for positions beginning in the Fall semester of 2021.

PhD thesis research will be conducted at one of the participating institutions in Prague: Charles University (Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomical Institute) and Czech Academy of Sciences (Institute of Physics, Astronomical Institute, Institute of Mathematics, and Nuclear Physics Institute). The PhD degrees are awarded by Charles University. The positions are funded by a combination of government stipend, individual grants (both national and EU, including ERC grants or equivalents), and institutional fellowships. The positions are open to candidates of any nationality.

Benefits depend on the type of the working contract, but all PhD students receive subsidized meals, possibility of staying in student dormitories, and free “Czech as foreign language” classes. There are no fees or tuition for PhD students. Prague remains cheaper than other comparable European cities while offering similar level of comforts and entertainments.