SageMath 9.2 is out

More info:  external link

SageMath 9.2 has been released on 24 October. The Linux and macOS binaries are available at
Those for Windows should follow soon, as well as Docker images. SageMath 9.2 is also available online at

Regarding calculus on manifolds, SageMath 9.2 introduces new features:

– orientation of manifolds and vector bundles
– dot_product(), cross_product() and norm() can be now be used for vector fields defined along a curve in a pseudo-Riemannian manifold
– action of a bundle connection on sections
– Greek letters (and more generally Unicode characters) are now allowed in index notation for tensors
– diff(f) can be used to get the exterior derivative of a differential form f
– various code improvements and bug fixes

See for details and examples.

SageMath is a free computer algebra system based on Python, with some differential geometry and tensor calculus capabilities See for examples of use, in particular in the context of general relativity.