GRG Collection and Living Review on “Binary neutron star mergers”

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The journal General Relativity and Gravitation is publishing an ongoing Topical Collection “Binary Neutron Star Mergers”. These recent additions deserve special attention:

Katerina Chatziioannou. Neutron-star tidal deformability and equation-of-state constraints. Gen Relativ Gravit 52, 109 (2020).

Sebastiano Bernuzzi. Neutron star merger remnants. Gen Relativ Gravit 52, 108 (2020).

Read also this related publication:

Eric Burns. Neutron star mergers and how to study them. Living Rev Relativ 23, 4 (2020).

GRG welcomes contributed submissions to be included as original research articles in this collection. Authors are invited to submit through the website Please indicate that your manuscript is intended for inclusion in the special issue “T.C. : BNS mergers”.