Three PhD positions on the interface between Quantum Technology and Fundamental Physics, Nottingham, UK

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Deadline:  2021-01-07

Location:  Nottingham, UK

We are announcing three PhD positions to join the “Quantum Simulators for Fundamental Physics” (qSimFP) initiative. QSimFP is one out of seven proposals funded through the UK Quantum Technologies for Fundamental Physics (QTFP) programme.

We are looking for
* two PhD students to join our experimental work, to build quantum simulators for black hole physics. This work involves the development of hybrid superfluid optomechanical devices at low temperature.

* one PhD student to join our theoretical work, developing the field theoretic description of quantised wave-modes around the simulated quantum black holes.

Candidates are expected to have a strong background in areas relevant for the project, and to contribute to the project through both collaborative and individual work.

The qSimFP consortium is an interactive network of scientists from seven UK-based research organisations located in St.Andrews, Cambridge, King’s College London, Newcastle, Nottingham, University College London and Royal Holloway University London. The three PhD students will benefit from all network activities and are expected to closely collaborate with the University of Royal Holloway and King’s College London.