Quantum Gravity, Higher Derivatives and Nonlocality, (online)

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Date:  2021-03-08  -  2021-03-12

Location:  International Online Workshop

The main objective of the international workshop “Quantum Gravity, Higher Derivatives and Nonlocality” is to assess our current understanding of the interplay between gravity and quantum mechanics by discussing what is the main role of higher derivatives and nonlocality in the quantization of gravity, and whether they are really necessary to describe Nature at the fundamental level. In addition to discussing formal aspects of several approaches, applications of higher derivatives and nonlocality will be also explored, especially in the context of cosmology and black-hole physics.

Different schools of thought will be brought together, in such a way that everyone can benefit from fruitful discussions and learn from each other. In addition to individual talks, discussion sessions will help making the meeting more exciting and productive, so as to become the source of constructive debates and new insights, and to push our quantum-gravity community towards deeper understandings.