Tehran Meeting on Cosmology at the Crossroads, Tehran, Iran

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Date:  2021-02-22  -  2021-02-25

Location:  Tehran, Iran

LambdaCDM is astonishing!

It provides us with a simple and beautiful picture of the universe that (almost!) successfully explains observations at a vast span of cosmic scales and times!

However, it is facing yet unexplained challenges, with different levels of significance, that call for modifications and extensions.

At Tehran Meeting on Cosmology at the Crossroads 2021 (TMCC2021) we take advantage of the constraints imposed by the Covid19 pandemic to virtually host experts (including Nobel and Gruber laureates) from all over the globe to discuss these challenges and possible avenues out of it. TMCC2021 is the third in the series of Tehran Meetings on Cosmology.

In addition to the invited talks, the meeting also hosts sessions of contributed talks dedicated to the ongoing research by young cosmologists. You can join us by either contributing to the talks or participating as the audience.